Based on our love for nature and preservation concepts about twenty five years ago, a quite unique undertaking began under the name of Yvaga Guazú Ecological Park, in the Guaraní language it means: Grand Paradise.

The park is fifteen minutes away from downtown Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the largest city of Bolivia, and one of the major agro industrial centers in the south American region. Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the capital of the Santa Cruz department (Bolivia), if you are coming from the city take the Doble Vía la Guardia Highway, the park is 12 ½ Kilometers away, that is only 20 miles away from the urban area.

The Park is a fourteen-hectare natural resource area (34.5 acres) of exuberant natural beauty, and it is waiting there for you to enjoy a unique habitat, an experience that will take your breath away. It is just like being in Paradise!  Here, you’ll witness a fauna and flora natural symbiosis…  (Read more, click here...)